21KB Spacebar Keycaps PBT Dye Sub

21KB Spacebar Keycaps PBT Dye Sub (v3.0)

Product Description

The pricing is for 1 x 7U and 1 x 6.25U spacebar. It is v3.0 spacebar.

Best sounding spacebar. The thickest part (left and right) reaches 1.9 mm.

Free shipping in US via USPS First Class if not purchase with any other item. You will get $4 off with purchase of any other keycap sets. $4 refund will be processed manually at fulfilling the order. (Shopify only allow one active automatic discount rule, RGBY kit is using it)

This product is shippable to countries outside of US only if you purchase it with any other keycap sets. 


  • PBT Dye Sub Keycaps;
  • Cherry profile;
  • Thickness: 1.6 - 1.9 mm;
  • No warp;