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02/21/2022 5:49 PM ET

Round 1 is fully completed. $5 refund issued as promised.


02/10/2022 3:27 PM ET

There are 9 orders are still in "unfulfilled" status due to short of blue Korean and blue Arabic. Customers have been notified individually via email with 3 options to pick from: 

1. Wait for another 2-3 weeks and get $5 refund.

2. Remove blue Arabic and/or blue Korean from your order and get refund.

3. Swap for any of following. I don't know the exact quantity, I will reply to your email if I don't have the keycaps you are asking for.

Korean Red/Green
Japanese Red/Green
Arabic Red/Green
Thai Red/Green/Blue
2551 Green
Hebrew Red
Cadet Black
Cyrillic Blue/Red

Apologize for the mistake. This is my first Pre-order/GB, I am still learning from it. 

As of now, I can say Pre-order Round 1 is at 99% completion. Thank you so much for all your support !


02/09/2022 3:23 PM ET

Last shipment received. Sorting and inspecting. All colors are perfect. I will try to get them out by this week.


02/07/2022 11:05 AM ET

Last shipment is moving. Expected arrival is this Friday.


01/30/2022 4:01 PM ET

Majority of "Chinese", "Korean blue", "Arabic blue", "Japanese (all colors) are in last shipment.

Just came to know that DHL service is suspended in China during Chinese New Year (between Feb 1 and 7), so this shipment will delay for one week. The new expected arrival date is by Feb 12th. Apologize for the delay.


01/28/2022 12:46 PM ET

Shipment 4 received. Sorting and inspecting. They will go out on Monday


01/27/2022 10:21 AM ET

Shipment 5 shipped to me. All pre-orders production completed.


01/26/2022 11:31 AM ET

All keycaps in Shipment 3 shipped to buyers.

Shipment 4 left China


01/24/2022 5:30 PM ET

Shipment 3 received. Sorting and inspecting. They will go out in next 3 days.


01/22/2011 9:50 PM ET

Shipment 4 (~54 sets) production finished and shipped to me.


01/21/2022 6:36 PM ET

Shipment 2 received. Sorting and inspecting.


01/20/2022 11:36 PM ET

Shipment 2 arrived at DHL HUB in USA.

Shipment 3 (all are for pre-orders) left China.


01/15/2022 04:23 PM ET

~48 sets made for pre-order run are shipped to me.


01/13/2022 12:19 AM ET

Two shipments are on the way to me:

Shipment 1: Scheduled arrival by this week. They were produced before pre-order launched, 30-32 sets in total, contain 2551, Cyrillic, Zhuyin, and Chinese (If I recall). If Chinese sets look good, I will use them to fulfill pre-orders. The rest will be sold as in-stock.

Shipment 2: Shipped to me yesterday, expected arrival by next week. 30-36 sets in total. Part of them were produced before pre-order launched. Some (about 16 sets) were made yesterday for some pre-orders (for the first 10-15 orders). If those pre-made ones are good and on the same theme as in pre-orders, I will use them to fulfill pre-orders. The rest will be sold as in-stock.


01/12/2022 12:49 AM ET

Pre-order closed. Thank you all !