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Current Pre-order Update

11/18/2022 11:45 AM ET Pre-orders are expected to begin delivery in early Dec.   11/30/2022 7:18 PM ET Shipments are on the way. Shipping to customers are expected to start from Dec 10th.   01/15/2...

Pre-order Round 5

09/08/2022 3:49 AM ET Sorry for the lack of update. Two orders are still pending for fulfillment. All the rest have shipped.   10/14/2022 1:58 AM ET Round 5 is fully completed.

Pre-order Round 4

07/19/2022 9:00 PM ET Round 4 is fully completed.  All Korean Gradient sets in this shipment missing extra B key from Alice group. The issue is due to dye-sub station (blank keycaps holder) got upd...

Pre-order Round 3

04/29/2022 7:47 PM ET All orders shipped. Round 3 is fully completed.    04/24/2022 3:48 PM ET All 2551 keysets are missing two keys, they will arrive next week.  All other orders are shipped.   04...

Pre-order Round 2

03/26/2022 6:46 PM ET Round 2 is fully completed.   03/19/2022 2:13 PM ET One of three shipments from SF Express arrived today, they are under sorting and inspecting. I will ship them out on Tuesda...

Pre-order Round 1

02/21/2022 5:49 PM ET Round 1 is fully completed. $5 refund issued as promised.   02/10/2022 3:27 PM ET There are 9 orders are still in "unfulfilled" status due to short of blue Korean an...