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03/26/2022 6:46 PM ET

Round 2 is fully completed.


03/19/2022 2:13 PM ET

One of three shipments from SF Express arrived today, they are under sorting and inspecting. I will ship them out on Tuesday.


03/17/2022 11:13 PM ET

One of last two shipments released from Cincinnati Customs, but got stuck again at New York Customs. Another shipment (some Korean Blue and Japanese Blue) arrived Monday, they all shipped on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Currently, the number of unfulfilled orders is 45, they are all pending for the arrival of purple (all designs) and Korean pink.

Three remade shipments sent by SF Express: one left China yesterday, two are in Chinese Customs. I am confident all orders will be out by the end of March. Sorry for the delay.


03/13/2022 10:27 PM ET

Customs holds released. Orders with "Purple" keycaps will start shipping next week.


03/12/2022 6:21 PM ET

Last two shipments via DHL are still in customs. Remade shipments are on the way to me via SF Express, they should arrive sometime next week if they don't get caught by customs.


03/09/2022 4:44 PM ET

Last two shipments have been stuck in customs for two days, but nothing to worry, I have asked manufacturer to redo the last two shipments, the production has been completed and shipped to me via a different shipping carrier. This adds roughly 2 weeks wait time, sorry for the delay.


03/04/2022 2:46 AM ET

Shipment 5 is on the way.

Production is completed.


03/02/2022 6:42 PM ET

Shipment 3 received (pink). Sorting and inspecting. They will go out next Monday.

Shipment 4 is on the way.


02/25/2022 9:23 AM ET

Shipment 3 is on the way.


02/21/2022 5:47 PM ET

Shipment 2 received (only black). Sorting and inspecting. They will go out this week.


02/17/2022 7:09 PM ET

Shipment 1 received. Orders with only Korean Black will go out next week.