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07/19/2022 9:00 PM ET

Round 4 is fully completed. 

All Korean Gradient sets in this shipment missing extra B key from Alice group. The issue is due to dye-sub station (blank keycaps holder) got updated but file was not updated correspondingly. All previous shipped orders were not affected. To reduce waiting time for customers, we have shipped all orders today, as soon as the B keys arrive, we will send them out. 


07/14/2022 1:04 AM ET

Unfulfilled orders = 9


07/11/2022 10:45 PM ET

Unfulfilled orders = 29

All Korean sets in this batch: Sublegends of 1U Ctrl is mistakenly printed on 1U FN key. Replacement keys are on the way.


07/05/2022 9:33 PM ET

About 80% of orders shipped. Waiting for last two shipments to come.


06/28/2022 10:11 AM ET

Shipment 5,6,7,8,9 arrived. Shipping


06/22/2022 1:32 AM ET

Shipment 1,2,3,4 arrived. Preparing for shipping.


06/17/2022 10:12 PM ET

Shipment 6, 7, 8, and 9 are on the way. Production are finished for all pre-order keycaps sold so far.


06/17/2022 10:18 AM ET

Shipment 1 and 2 released from customs, expected arrival is Monday


06/14/2022 12:32 PM ET

Shipment 3, 4, and 5 are on the way


06/06/2022 11:41 AM ET

Two shipments are on the way (Korean sets and RGBY sets)